A Long View of Senior Housing Supply Growth

June 5, 2020By Susan Rockwoodtopics

There is little debate that barring some catastrophic change, the number of older adults will continue to rise rapidly. What are the implications of this growth on supply growth? This paper derives city-specific forecasts for 138 metropolitan statistical areas. View the PDF

Apartments for Life

August 24, 2017By Susan Rockwoodtopics

Compared to assisted living and independent living, the rate of development of purpose-built senior living apartments has been modest. Herein we assess the opportunities and challenges of Apartments for Life (A4L), a promising subcategory of senior apartments. View the PDF

Profit <> Non-Profit Collaboration

September 28, 2014By Frank Rockwoodtopics

Many nonā€profits combine deep management capabilities, strong local reputations and land in highly attractive locations. Instead of non-profits and for-profits competing, why not collaborate? View the PDF

A New Approach to Gauging Need

November 3, 2013By Frank Rockwoodtopics

Everyone in leadership roles in senior living and health care have seen countless charts demonstrating the strong population growth of the older age cohorts. Of more value to policy makers and executives is “seeing” how this underlying population growth is likely to translate into local demand for various types of housing and healthcare services. View … Read More