Real Estate Development

Rockwood Pacific has deep capabilities and extensive experience in managing all phases of project development from identification and in some cases acquisition of property, design, permitting, financing, and construction phases. While we bring prior professional experience from all major real estate development types, we exclusively focus on senior living projects. We have developed large and small scale ground-up projects, implemented adaptive reuse of extraordinary historic structures and executed focused rehabilitation and conversion projects.

Master Capital Investment Planning

Rockwood Pacific provides Master Planning services that are applied to a wide range of initiatives. We excel in formulating and implementing capital investment plans that enhance the long-term viability and effectiveness of our clients. In addition to development, our master capital investment planning includes the formation and execution of plans related to acquisitions, dispositions, and repositioning of existing real property assets.

Real Estate Advisory Services

Rockwood Pacific supports owners of real property in optimizing the value of their real property assets through the formation and execution of asset management plans. Asset management plans can involve the participation of a wide range of firms active in a wide range of property types but at a minimum always include a senior living component.

Senior Living Industry Research and Trend Analysis

We undertake primary and secondary research related to senior living trends.