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Apartments for Life

Compared to assisted living and independent living, the rate of development of purpose-built senior living apartments has been modest. Herein we assess the opportunities and challenges of Apartments for Life (A4L), a promising subcategory of senior apartments.

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The 75+ vs. 80+ Benchmark Choice – Is the Demand for Senior Living Overstated?

It is becoming generally recognized that seniors don’t move into service-enriched senior housing until that are very close to, or older than, 80. Yet many investment cases for the industry utilize a 75+ versus 80+ benchmark. Is the market for service-enriched senior housing being overstated?

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Assessing Risk of Senior Living Over-Supply — a Long-Term Perspective

Taking a longer term view, is there a discernible pattern where some markets more frequently experience supply surges than others? Based on an analysis of the past two decades, there does appear to be a long-term pattern related to supply surge risk.

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Where and Why are 75+ Older Adults Moving & Why You Should Care?

Do migration patterns have implications for senior housing and healthcare leaders? Migration patterns of older adults directly affect senior living and healthcare real estate decisions but there are good reasons why these patterns should be of interest to a broader audience.

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Profit <> Non-Profit Collaboration

Many nonā€profits combine deep management capabilities, strong local reputations and land in highly attractive locations. Instead of non-profits and for-profits competing, why not collaborate?
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