Our Story

When we initially entered the senior living/health care industry back in the 1990’s, we must admit that the prime motivation was related to meeting the growing market need driven by both the high growth rate of the population of older adults and the even higher growth rate of related healthcare expenditures. In other words, senior living/health care is important. However, for us, this has not been sufficient motivation.

We feel blessed to support housing and healthcare leaders in fulfilling a mission that is not only important, but interesting and meaningful as well.

“The best senior living and senior healthcare is yet to be invented” is a phrase that resonates. Unlike many other real estate segments, changes in psycho-demographics, policy and technology are expected to substantively alter the character of bricks and mortar offerings for older adults, but how? We derive deep satisfaction in supporting leaders in addressing this complicated, interesting question.

When one of our parents died in 2002, this triggered a re-examination of our lives and put us on a path to focus on meaning. Serving leaders who serve older adults is our way “to honor your father and your mother”.