Why Rockwood Pacific

At Rockwood Pacific, we bring a fresh, yet professional approach to real estate decision and execution processes. Here are some of our distinguishing characteristics:

Track Record: Since our launch in 2013, we have consistently exceeded our clients’ expectations. In his capacity as a development executive with Disney, Sunrise and Transamerica, Francesco Rockwood directly managed over $1 billion in real estate development projects; developing an extraordinary track record of successful outcomes and satisfied stakeholders.

Breadth: Our industry expertise spans a wide range of products and services related to serving older adults. Likewise our financial experience spans a wide range of financing alternatives. We have experience in both traditional as well as new and emerging partnering and financing solutions.

Impartiality: We are not aligned with any particular product or financing approach; we provide impartial guidance in getting to the right product and financing solution. To the fullest extent practical, we structure our relationships such that our goals align with your mission and objectives.

Focus on Value: Your value proposition is now subject to extraordinary pressure due to a wide range of forces. We assist our clients in supplanting inefficient approaches with new, higher value offerings.

Design Thinking: Design thinking starts and ends with empathy. This mantra guides us in all we do.

Rockwood Pacific stresses genuine collaboration and we are highly effective at getting the best out of everyone in the creative process. We build on the principles of design thinking, good stewardship, and continual learning, to deliver results that enhance our clients’ legacies and respect their long-term, sacred values.